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Greg Depriest (far left)


Our Story

The Tri-Cities has been my home for almost 30 years. My father had a trucking company and while I chose a different career, I always wanted to own a logistics company. After semi- retirement in 2017 I realized I had lots of energy and vision that I wanted to utilize.

A good friend and I decided we wanted to get into logistics, so we started looking for trucking companies to purchase. It was during this time that we notice Amazon was looking for DSP’s (Delivery Service Partners) for local delivery. We both applied and were both accepted. Amazon ask him to start his company in Nashville, TN and they ask me to go to Austin, TX.

My company's first delivery in Austin, TX was September 3 rd , 2019. In 3 months, we went from me being the only employee to over 100 DA’s (Delivery Associates). In 2020 Strategic Growth Logistics, LLC., continued to grow and service the Austin, TX area even while the pandemic was raging.

My vision had always been to return to the Tri-Cities when Amazon opened a local delivery center. That vision is being fulfilled and Strategic Growth Logistics, LLC., is now focused on giving individuals opportunities for professional and financial growth.

- Greg Depriest

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